Society of Professional Journalists covers main issues

The Society of Professional Journalists is an organization focused on promoting high standards in journalism.

The Society of Professional Journalists is a resource for journalists on so many issues, with a blog to go along with nearly every topic. I like that they have resources designed specifically for professional journalists who are just getting started, as well as for students. These resources include training programs, advice on finding jobs and a blog covering topics helpful for new journalists. The most recent post on the blog offers suggestions on sites to look at for jobs, which is timely based on discussions in my classes.

One downside is that there are just so many different facets of the website that it is easy to get overwhelmed. It is organized quite well into categories, which make searching and exploring the available tools possible.

There is also a large focus on ethics and freedom of information, key parts of the industry. The freedom of information blog provides updates on open records issues across the country. There are also guides, for both professional and students, for submitting records requests.

Local chapters make it easy to get involved, and there is even a chapter for students located at Boston University. There are communities you can join based on your interests, such as for freelancers, students, or digital. The organization covers a wide range of topics, but the resources allow you to customize your experience based on your career and personal goals.


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