The Boston Globe provides extensive Marathon trial coverage

The Boston Marathon bombing trial is big news in Boston, with The Boston Globe maintaining an extensive page of coverage, including live updates. Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 11.01.00 AM

The page is easily accessible near the top of the Globe’s homepage. On the trial’s page, the bar at the top links to the most recent headlines and stories, with live update links just beneath. This design enables readers to find the latest coverage quickly.

For those looking for more than just breaking updates, the stories further down on the page delve into each aspect of the case, coming from what is discussed at the trial. The Watertown gun battle was recently examined at the trial and that information is relayed, along with graphics and videos for further information. A recap of the testimony from Monday is also available.

What I find very helpful for readers not following the trial daily is the timeline that breaks down each day of the trial and what was covered.Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 11.01.29 AM

There is a sidebar along the page which links to podcasts of the trial and resources for readers, including court documents and witness and exhibit information. I also like that there are links to Globe archived stories about the trial. Some have been pulled out with headlines and teaser lines, but there is also a full section devoted to the archived stories, with dates and headlines.Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 11.01.56 AM

Multimedia is made up of timelines, videos and photos, including surveillance videos from the time of the bombings. Perhaps the most striking stories, for me, are the accounts from the bombing survivors and those at the scene.Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 11.01.46 AM

The variety of the coverage is interesting and extensive for readers with a general interest in the trial and those looking for details and background information. The Globe does an excellent job of organizing their coverage and including multimedia elements to further engage readers.



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