A pile of Boston snow coverage

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 3.53.33 PM

We poor Bostonians are up to our necks in snow and the best option seems to be to hibernate until April. With all of this crazy weather, I’ve been looking at different news sites to stay on top of what is happening. Twitter has been a great way to keep myself updated when I do need to venture out. I follow the local newspapers as well as the City of Boston and MBTA Twitter accounts.

All this snow offers a great chance for multimedia and journalism. Everyone in the area is interested in following what’s going on and I always want accurate and timely updates. I like checking out sites like Fox 25 at myfoxboston because weather stories are combined with video.

Easily accessible on the homepage is a detailed breakdown of hourly updates from this latest storm, accompanied by a video of the forecast. This is effective because anyone coming to the website for storm information doesn’t need to look very far. There is also a sidebar that connects to other videos on the site.

The Fox 25 website is user-accessible. After looking at storm updates, I was able to check out snowfall totals around the state. The site has good local coverage.

I like to contrast getting weather information with stories about how people and the city are dealing with the storm. I look for most of these kinds of story on The Boston Globe’s website, as well as Boston.com. The weather has been one of the top stories for the past few weeks, so it’s easy to find the latest articles right on the home page.

The difficulties with the MBTA have been a top story, as well as one I am most interested in as someone who regularly relies on public transportation. The Globe has had some interesting stories about the T’s trouble, including a column by Joan Vennochi and another about the old motors inhibiting trains.

The Globe has also had some excellent photography to go along with their stories. Including these photos works because readers like to see that other people around the city are having as much trouble as they are. There is a nice slideshow at the top of the homepage right now full of these kinds of images.

One thing the whole city can agree on right now is that we all wish the snow would go away.


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