begins series on historic districts

The real estate section of is beginning a series on Boston’s historic districts. There are nine historic districts in Boston (who knew?), each with a Historic District Commission, according to the article. Each week a different neighborhood will be featured.

Even though is affiliated with The Boston Globe, they have made it a point to keep their content separate. This I find is reflected in the style and kinds of stories I expect to find on Yes, the main headlines and breaking news are covered, but I usually look to for a more laid back and fun spin on a story, often with a multimedia element.

In this particular article from, a map is included to show where the historic districts are in the city. Obviously this is a helpful element, especially for people like me who are still trying to get their bearings around the city.

When you click on each highlighted district, a link is brought up which connects to the City of Boston website for each district to give more information, like this one for Back Bay. I do wish, however, that had included something more interesting or interactive with this map than just linking to the website for the district’s history.

It doesn’t look like any of the districts stories are up yet, which isn’t surprising since this article is only from last week. I would expect the first article soon.

I’m curious to see what does with this weekly tour of Boston’s historic districts. It would be great to see some visual elements to help readers get a feel for the neighborhoods, along with historic photos of what areas used to look like. The photo included with this story is beautiful, contrasting a runner with the backdrop of brick buildings and stone sidewalks. I hope that speaks of photos to come, which would be an important way to illustrate these areas of the city.

I love the historic brick buildings and charm that make Boston so unique and am interested to see how this series chronicles the city’s past.


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