Is Pumpkin Pie Boston’s Favorite?

Pumpkin pie tops the list of favorite pies by people in Mass. gathered some data through Facebook using either mentions or likes of pie varieties to get there tallies. Pumpkin was the overwhelming favorite in Mass. with just about 51 percent of the likes or mentions.

This may not be the most scientific way of going about gathering data, but it is certainly creative. put together a pie chart (ha!) to represent the five most popular pies. Apple pie was a close second with 41.8 percent.

What would you imagine came in last? Boston creme pie (is this really even considered a pie though? I’m pretty sure it’s cake) with only 1.7 percent of the mentions.

There is a poll up on the site right now so you can cast your vote for your favorite pie. I wonder if those results will reflect the same information as the Facebook searching. I just voted, and you can also see how many other people have voted for your favorite pie variety. (So far apple is in the lead).


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