A Final Project about Food Writing

In a flurry of baking and tasting fall treats, it was easy to ignore that the end of my first semester of grad school is rapidly approaching. With that, it is time to think about my final project.

The main focus of my project will be the Boston food magazine, edible Boston. I have arranged an interview with Ilene Bezahler, editor and publisher for Edible Boston.

While arranging our interview, Bezahler said, “Now you learn many of the secrets of Edible Boston!” That is what I am hoping to get out of my final project. I want to hear from Bezahler, and others, about what goes into creating an issue of Edible Boston, such as where their ideas come from, who writes and contributes and why the local element is so important. I also hope to learn more about the history of the magazine. Edible Boston has a fairly small staff, so I want to learn how they are able to make it all come together and produce issues full of interesting articles and beautiful photography.

Because this is part of a project for a digital journalism course, I am also planning to include a digital element to my understanding of Edible Boston, by learning about what impact their website and social media use has on the business, as well as what importance there might be for them to be a print publication, instead of online only, for example.

Some challenges I am facing right now as I try to focus my project idea are finding other people to interview to make sure I have enough content and trying to think about what might be included in my photo gallery. I’m considering broadening my theme to something more general like food writing and coverage in Boston, and using Edible Boston as the main illustration. That way, I could also interview other people locally who write about food.

Right now, I’m hoping my project will include the necessary elements in a way similar to this:

  • Text story: Focus on how Edible Boston (and others) write about and cover food in Boston.
  • Photo Gallery: Tour of Edible Boston and what goes into creating an issue.
  • Video: Interviews, one with Ilene Bezahler, with a potential focus on the digital aspect of the business.

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