Cameo Macaron Brings French Macarons to Boston

I recently had the chance to visit Boston’s first macaron food truck, Cameo Macaron, at its Sunday location outside the Boston Public Library.

I spoke with owner Kinesha Goldson about her business. Kinesha is a graduate of Northeastern University and studied abroad in Paris. In Paris, Kinesha discovered macarons at the famous retailer Ladurée.  This experience was something she wanted to bring back from her time in France, she said, and she recognized the potential market for macarons in Boston.

Because of the large international population in Boston, Kinesha knew her idea for a macaron food truck could be successful. “I didn’t make a crazy marketing plan,” Kinesha said.

Often, people visiting the truck have said to Kinesha, “‘Oh my gosh, I was just in Paris and I can’t find them [macarons] here,'” she said.

People often mistake her French pastries for the coconut macaroon cookies. French macarons are light cookies, made with egg whites, sugar, almond powder and food coloring. They typically have a ganache or jam filling between two cookies.

Cameo Macaron offers a variety of flavors. The most popular flavor varies with the seasons, Kinesha said. Gingerbread and caramel are popular right now.

Kinesha has a pastry chef that is in charge of the baking, but she has made some of the macarons herself and did research and comparison of the market to develop the flavors. It’s not just about what you like, but about finding out what people want, Kinehsa said.

There is no other truck quite like hers, Kinesha said. Cameo Macaron is strictly a dessert truck and only sells macarons. She faced some challenges with permits and had to figure out a way to customize the truck to her needs, including buying the butcher block counter for the service window from ikea. “There is no other van doing what we do,” Kinesha said.

I also spoke with Danielle Johnson, a Cameo Macaron employee who has worked on the truck for two months, and customers Tasha Sschoenstein and Izzy Fuchs.

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