The Inspiration Behind Jess Bakes: Some of My Favorite Sites

There are certainly plenty of baking blogs out there on the Internet. As I timidly added mine to the mix (there’s a baking pun in there somewhere), there were several sites I turned to for inspiration.

Huffington Post Baking combines several elements that go beyond just sharing recipes. I am trying to incorporate elements and stories outside of recipes on my blog, so I find this model helpful. Huffington Post Baking shares food news and trends in the humorous and catchy style expected from the Huffington Post.

Contributors also often put a creative and fun spin on presenting recipes, which I enjoy.

There are other sections under the Taste part of the Huffington Post that provide other information and stories outside of baking, like the taste tests, which compare products and food for thought, which gets a little deeper than simply sharing recipes.

I also follow @HuffPostTaste on Twitter and find some interesting articles that way.

There is some audience engagement possible through the site. It is possible to post a comment on the articles and there is also a toolbar on the side with ways to share on social media.

If there is something I could improve with Huffington Post Baking, it would probably be the number and variety of posts. I would like to see new content more often, especially since the Huffinton Post has such a large network of contributors. The number of additional pages under the Huffinton Post Taste section do help with this to an extent.

Joy the Baker, by Joy Wilson, is the epitome of a beautiful baking blog. She has won awards for her blog, including the best sweets and desserts blog 2014 from The Kitchn. Her recipe index is extensive and broken down into easy to search categories.

She also has a weekly post, “Let it Be Sunday,” that shares and comments on other issues outside of baking, like current articles or hot topics in the news.

The blog is a traditional baking blog, meaning it mainly focuses on recipes. It has been around since 2008.

Joy has several ways to connect with her through the blog. She is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Joy is a good example of the potential that exists in blogging. She has two cookbooks. The first, The Joy the Baker Cookbook, came out in 2012. She is doing appearances for her newest book, Homemade Decadence, which came out in October.

I enjoy Joy’s writing style, as she is a bit quirky and fun, which is a style I enjoy and is also how I like to try and write my posts. It’s a baking blog; we don’t take things too seriously.

I like Boston Magazine Restaurants because it helps to fuel the local side of my blog with news about restaurant openings or changes and trends around the Boston food scene.

My problem with this website is that its usefulness is a little limited for me because it doesn’t always provide me with enough baking related posts.

One major problem I have with many of these sites is that they aren’t posting new things often enough. Or what is being posted isn’t anything all that new. This mainly means recipes. I find plenty of good ones using my blogroll and other sources, but when I want something different, outside of the recipe box, it can be harder to find. Twitter has provided a helpful supplement in some ways for this problem.


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