Twitter’s Guide to Jess Bakes

I recently started using twitter and I’ll admit I was skeptical initially. However, I have found it to be a useful tool for bringing all of the people, websites and publications that I’m interested in altogether in one place. I almost wish I had jumped on the bandwagon sooner.

I’m also planning to use twitter as a resource for this blog. Here are some of the accounts I will be following.

HuffPostTaste: I already follow the Huffington Post baking page of the Huffington Post, and on twitter they share some of the same recipes, fun food facts and news.

seriouseats: A listing of food guides and how-tos, along with tips.

EaterBoston: This one has lots of information about new places opening up in Boston, focusing on bars and nightlife, but other restaurant news is included.

eatboston: Another Boston-focused account with food and drink news, as well as food related events around town.

mysecretboston: I like mysecretboston because it also includes information related to music and entertainment. And as someone new to town, I like to feel as if I’m getting the inside scoop on the town and discovering places not in my tour book.

hiddenboston: This is another one that makes me feel like I’m getting in on a secret that nobody else knows about yet. They also encourage interaction from their followers by posting clues and questions to uncover local restaurants.

ZagatBoston:  ZagatBoston is full of suggestions of places to try in Boston and also includes local restaurant news and announcements.

RestaurantNews:  This one is more focused on providing insight and analysis of the food industry, along with trends.

Food & Wine magazine:  This account adds one of my other favorite things to its focus: wine. There are also plenty of interesting articles from the magazine and recipe suggestions.

InaGarten: Ina Garten, also known as the Barefoot Contessa, has one my favorite shows on the food network. She always makes everything look so simple, but also beautiful and detailed. Her twitter shares some great recipes.

I hope these tweeters (is that the correct term? I’m new, remember?) will inspire some of my upcoming blog posts.


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