Handmade and local products on display at the SoWa Market

I visited the SoWa Market in downtown Boston today. This Sunday event is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and runs from May to October at 460 Harrison Ave. The open air market features booths selling everything from art work and photographs to homemade dog treats, jewelry and soap. Crowds gathered to enjoy what might be a last taste of summer weather and to check out the goods offered.

Across from the open market is the weekly farmer’s market selling mainly local produce and other food products, such as wine, cheese and meat. Of course, I bypassed all of this fresh, healthy food and went straight for a salted caramel brownie.

salted caramel brownie at the SoWa Market

salted caramel brownie at the SoWa Market

The SoWa vintage market is housed inside the building between the open market and the farmers market. The vintage market is open year round. The four main rooms inside are filled with collections of antique furniture, vintage clothing and jewelry. I spotted some original covers of The New Yorker and some printed maps of Boston and other cities.

I was live tweeting at the SoWa market today, so I will share some of those tweets here.

I love a good bowtie and I liked that the guys at this booth wanted to interact with their customers in a fun way like teaching them how to tie the bowtie.

I would consider myself a bibliophile and a bargain hunter, so an entire cart full of books for $1 was one of the most exciting part of the market day for me. It’s like hunting for buried treasure.

I also have a love for vintage, so I really enjoyed looking at the variety of items available inside at the vintage market. There were so many unique and interesting items.

Even though I am fairly new to twitter, I am beginning to understand its potential uses for a journalist, especially when it comes to reporting on an event live. When people are aware that an event is taking place, they want to know what is happening right away. Twitter provides a simple and straightforward avenue to do this. I think that challenge lies in determining which aspects of an event are the most important to share with an audience and which can be ignored.

At the SoWa Market, I was hoping to use it as a way to document the things I was seeing and include people in my experience of being there. I tweeted about the booths that caught my attention and also tried to include most of the main highlights of the market so that if someone had never been there before and didn’t know anything about it they would be able to get a sense of what was taking place. This translated to taking and sharing many pictures, for me.

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Photos by Jessica McWeeney. 


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