Baking in Boston

I love cake. And cookies. And pie. If you love them too, then stick around. This blog will contain recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I began baking in my grandma’s kitchen in Connecticut. We had the tradition for many years that in the fall, I would go over and we would make apple pie together. I loved being able to go through the process of putting the ingredients together and in the end have something everybody was excited to try.

I get such a sense of accomplishment from baking. I love putting everything together and seeing the finished product. It doesn’t hurt that it tastes good either. Baking is a way to connect with people. It allows you to show someone that you care and that you yourself made something for them.

This blog will be about my baking adventures and failures, like how I once added flour instead of sugar while making a tart. It happens. I will share the recipes that I am excited to make, and also my experiences, as an amateur baker, following these recipes. Everything featured here will be homemade. It’s cheating to use a box mix, and it also takes away half of the fun.

Part of this blog will be finding new recipes to try and that inspire me to get out my apron. The Beantown Baker has been blogging since 2007 and has amazing recipes that will go on my to-bake list. Joy the Baker is another blogger with an extensive recipe index and won the title of 2014’s best sweets and baking blog. Her photography is amazing too.

This is a blog based in the Boston area, so I will also feature bakeries and cafes that I try around town. The Boston Bakery Babe is a great resource of places organized by neighborhood. I’m on a quest for the best cupcake in Boston and my efforts will be documented here.

I find a lot of my recipes on pinterest, and you can follow me there too.

Happy baking!


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